I’ve never been happy, really, with the name of my blog.

That’s because this blog started out last year as something completely different. And it didn’t last very long.And I came back to it and it became something else. And the name didn’t fit.

So I decided to change the name. It may not be perfect yet, but I’m putting it out there.

Do you have a situation that you’ve named, that you seem to be stuck with? A situation that you’ve taught yourself to be comfortable with, that you’d rather not change for fear of rocking the boat, that you’d rather continue to bear it, because you’re used to it and people may not like it if you start to call it something else. Has your ‘career’ become ‘just work’, has your ‘faith’ become ‘rote’, has your ‘relationship’ become ‘settled’, has your ‘passion’ become ‘safe’? What would happen if you renamed those things and called them what they were, or what they appeared to be to you at that moment? Would that make you do things differently?

So tell me what you think of the name? Suggest some others if you have any?

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